Engineered with purpose

We’re driven by a singular objective: design products and systems to minimize the unintended consequences of spine surgery, so patients can get back to living their fullest lives.

Thoracolumbar Interbody

Our best-in-class expandables interbody family, combined with innovative material technologies, are designed to minimize complexity and maximize success.

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Our breakthrough disc prep system enables an effective, large-footprint discectomy through small, posterior access. This innovative solution addresses the unmet need in performing minimally-invasive discectomies.

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Thoracolumbar Fixation

Our thoracolumbar fixation systems are designed to correct and stabilize the posterior thoracolumbosacral spine through a versatile collection of instruments and implants. These innovative solutions include our proprietary, patented, metal-free fixation technology: Karma®.

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Slim instrumentation, low-profile designs and sleek, narrow plating systems make our cervical interbody systems the industry standard of efficiency.

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Biologic products from Spinal Elements are ready for the future of spine surgery. Our biologics use the most advanced materials on the market and are designed to enable surgeons to deliver better outcomes for patients.

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Access Systems

Innovative, minimally invasive access systems from Spinal Elements are designed to reduce the number of passes required by surgeons and the amount of post-operative pain felt by patients.

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Additional Technologies

Explore our range of additional spine surgery products, including meticulously-designed bone expander systems, corpectomy systems, and more.

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Tomorrow’s spinal surgery solutions start here.

Learn more about how advanced, minimally invasive surgical solutions from Spinal Elements are transforming treatment and improving patient outcomes.