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Cervical Spine Implants and InstrumentationEspañol | Português

(Atomic®, Sapphire®, Sapphire X®, Sapphire® X3, Crystal®, Crystal® Ti-Bond®, Ventana® C, Vertu®Vertu® Ti-Bond®)

Vertu® Implants and Instrumentation

Vertu® Implants and Instruments Spanish


Clutch® Interspinous Process Device

Implants and Instrumentation


Karma® Fixation System

Implants and Instrumentation


Lotus® Posterior Cervical/Thoracic Spinal System

Implants and Instrumentation

Lumbar Spine Implants and Instrumentation

(Lucent®, Lucent® Ti-Bond®, Lucent Magnum®, Lucent Magnum® Ti-Bond®)


Lucent® Lateral | Español

Implants and Instrumentation

Lucent® MIS Fiber Optic Assembly

Phantom IFU | Phantom User Guide | Phantom LED Light SourcePhantom Insulated Dilators IFU



Lucent® XP Expandable Lumbar Interbody System | Español

Implants and Instrumentation

Lucent® 3D System

Implants and Instrumentation

Luna® XD Interbody Fusion System

Implants and Instrumentation

Magnum+® Anterior Lumbar Interbody System – English | Español | Português

Implants and Instrumentation

Mercury® Spinal System

Implants and Instrumentation

Mosaic® Cervical Interbody System

Implants and Instrumentation

Orbit Discectomy Instruments



Implants and Instrumentation

Ventana P/T and L Interbody System


Allos® Granules
Allos MC5, MC5 XL, CC7, CC7 XL

Berkeley Blocks and Granules

Callisto Granules
Delivery Cannula
Hero DBM Powder
Hero Block, Strip and Chips, Hero Cervical, LifeGraft Spacer
Hero DBM Plus Putty and Paste
Hero DBM Putty and Gel
Nevos DBM Fiber
Nevos DBM FP and FP Plus
Nevos DBM Putty
Nevos DBM Putty Plus
Nevos Flex
Nevos Sponge (Pinnacle)
Nevos Sponge (Vivex)

Orios Bone Matrix
Orios Moldable Bone Matrix
Orios Moldable Plus Bone Matrix
Orios XT Viable Allogenic Bone Matrix
Provenda Amniotic Membrane
Provenda Max Umbilical Membrane

Stylos BA Strip
Stylos BA Putty

Via Form Moldable
ViaGraft Moldable



Black Widow Buttress Plate

Ceres® Cervical Plate

Ceres®-C Stand-Alone System

Curette Dilator Set

Diamond Cervical Plate – English | Español | Português

Iliac Crest Bone Graft Harvesting System

InCorporate® Corpectomy System

Interbody Fusion Devices

Intervertebral Body Fusion Devices

iO-Flex® Distal Handle

iO-Flex® Irrigation Cannula

iO-Flex® Microblade Shaver

iO-Flex® NeuroCheck

iO-Flex® Probe

ISSYS-LP Pedicle Screws

Marquise® MIS Channel

OmegaLIF® Lumbar Expandable Interbody

Optimus® ALIF Lumbar Interbody

Overwatch® Spine System – English | Español

Phenix™ Cervical Interbody

Piranha™ Cervical Plate

Redhawk Posterior Cervical Spine System

Samson VBR – English | Español

Savannah® Pedicle Screws – English | Español | Português

Shark PLIF Lumbar Interbody

Spartan® Facet Screws – English | Español

Stingray Cervical Interbody

Syzygy™ Stabilization System

Talon® Pedicle System (High-Top, Low-Top, Mid-Top, Mid-Top Reduction)

Tiger TLIF Lumbar Interbody

Turbo MIS Lumbar Interbody

Vertebrex™ Kyphoplasty System (please see the Distributor Tools page)

Zeus® Interbody (A, C, L, O, P, T) – English | Español | Português

Life Instruments Reusable Bipolar Forceps