Spinal Elements - Brand Style Guide

Design - Minimalist.

- Less is absolutely more.

- If you don’t need it, delete it.

- ‘Stark’ and ‘Sterile’ are compliments.

- Design serves purely as function, not form.

- The product is the dominant visual.

- Quiet.

- Clean.

- Simple.

- Elemental.

Spinal Elements Corporate Colors

In a world of sensory overload and media bombardment we provide a calm environment where the observer can easily focus on the product without distraction or other obvious attempts at emotional manipulation.

Spinal Elements Red

PMS – 187
CMYK – 7, 100, 82, 26
Hex – a51326
RGB – 172, 22, 44

Spinal Elements Corporate Type

Spinal Elements uses Avenir LT Std as our corporate font.

Design Elements

Tables are rectangle with 0.25″ radius corner

Table is 10% black

Type is 65% black

Photos are placed with 0.25″ radius corner

No strokes on the edge

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